Growth Learning Tutoring Services

Growth Learning Tutoring Services​

Growth Learning Tutoring Services’ mission is to provide educational support through individualized instruction targeted in specific content area/s to improve student competency.

Our core values are embedded on the growth mindset philosophy, as it pertains to student performance. The vision of Growth Learning Tutoring Services is to educate, empower, and reshape the minds of students in order to close the achievement gap. We provide tutoring services to children age 5- 13 years old. These services are provided in the following content areas, reading, math, and writing, and pre-academic skills, which are provided for children who are transitioning from Pre-kindergarten to Kindergarten.

The children who are enrolled to receive these services are provided with individualized instruction targeted in the specific content area/s that they need additional support in. We help children to become independent thinkers, by building upon their level of success through improvement and development of their confidence and self-esteem. We provide students with the opportunities for independent practice through interactive activities. Additionally, their progress is closely monitored weekly through informal and formal assessments to ensure mastery of skill.